Mobility solutions are a part of our lives today as the boundaries between personal and professional, home and office disappear. With reduction in cost of mobility infrastructure more than one third of global workforce is slated to become mobile enabled. We believe that in the coming decade mobile solution will be one of the key drivers for business innovation within organizations. Enterprises will find new ways to communicate and engage with employees, partner and channel and end consumers. Some of the early adopters have already built applications for building customer loyalty, increasing sales through location based discount coupons or providing mobile commerce and payments. With advent of NFC, LTE, location services enterprise mobility is set to drive innovation and create new business models with mobility insurance to create a sustainable competitive advantage.

    Though there is strong business case for enterprise mobility, adoption within the industry has been slow. Some of the key reasons impacting the pace of adoption are :

  • Enterprises often find themselves grappling with adoption because of fragmented market place, platform and technology choices
  • Leadership teams at organization believe that mobility solution can create a market differentiator however absence of a strong business case for returns hamper the pace of executive decision making
  • Zenfact's mobility services and solutions offer end-to- end capability which can help customers adopt mobility and benefit from its transformational power to drive business with mobility insurance. We offer full spectrum of services, Consulting - Design - Development - Support services, to develop holistic solutions that address the mobility needs of our client organizations.

  • Our mobile solutions are aimed at taking our product engineering solutions beyond a user’s system to mobile devices like phones and tablets. With a lot of time being spent by the workforce on the field, this result in real time access not only to critical information, but also enables our customers to conduct business functions, no matter where they are.

    Our mobility solutions are comprehensive and encompass all aspects, namely

  •  Web and native apps.
  • Solutions for end consumers as well as for enterprises.
  • Multiple platforms – iOS, android
  • Multiple technologies.

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