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    Supply Chain Finance

    SIMFIN is a cutting edge technological solution which simplifies and provides capability to easily manage all financial flows involved in supply chain. It combines a set of technology solutions and services that link all the parties in the supply chain—the buyers, sellers and providers of financing—in order to enable end-to-end visibility, lower financing costs, increase availability, and expedite the delivery of cash.

    Our buyer-led solution, supported by a global, multilingual and multicurrency platform, links buyers suppliers, streamlining the payables process while providing suppliers with the option to receive early payment. Additional Supply Chain offerings – including receivables purchase and pre-export and post-import solutions – can be structured to meet diverse client needs around the world. You can:

  • Strengthen supplier relationships and secure supplies of key materials while standardizing or extend payment terms
  • Address funding and risk mitigation needs via tailored on and off balance sheet financing solutions in the open-account trade environment
  • Improve working capital efficiency through accelerated cash flows generated by receiving early payments on a true-sale basis
  • Strategically manage increasing sales volumes and internal credit limits against key buyers
  • Gain visibility into transactions with real-time or scheduled reporting utilizing our proprietary platform

  • Benefits

  • New revenue-generating opportunities
  • Improved capital management
  • Strengthened customer loyalty
  • Enhanced investment protection
  • Heightened competitive advantage
  • Based on a deep understanding of evolving supply chain finance and open account requirements, Zenfact’s state-of-the-art SCF solution is extremely robust, platform independent, flexible and completely independent solution. Simfin is fully and easily integrated with existing back- and front-office environments encompassing all main SCF players – the supplier, the buyer and the bank. And the scalable solution enables easy addition of new modules in the future.

    By optimizing working capital and costs, improving cash flow management and strengthening trade relationships, Zenfact’s SCF solution delivers value to corporations and the banks that serve them Equipped with accounts payable management and finance capabilities, Zenfact's comprehensive SCF solution is supported by an array of standard features which include real-time notifications integrated workflow, Multilingual, Multicurrency and interfaces to other banking systems.

    Simfin has been developed utilizing Zenfact's state-of-the-art rapid development framework. The use of design framework allows Zenfact to effortlessly add new modules and adapt SCF to global, regional or local SCF requirements and trends.

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